Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Uh-Huh Guy

I feel a close and warm kinship with Uh-Huh Guy. Baseball has a way of doing that. I have only met him in person twice, but what a pleasure. He is the crowd motivator for Kannapolis's minor league team and occasionally does road trips with the team to Greensboro. Uh-Huh Guy greets you, and bids you farewell, with his trademark.....Uh-Huh!

His tee-shirt reads, "UH-HUH! (uh-huh). adv, interj. 1) yes, 2) Paul Buchanan's spirited expression of life! 3) used to express agreement or positive affirmation. 'You bring life to this place.' John 10:10." (Uh-Huh is a retired elementary school principal).

After a facebook post this morning by Uh-Huh and me on the fb wall of Jim Scott, Public Address Announcer at the Hoppers games, Jim wrote,

"Uh-Huh Guy, you're the pageantry of baseball, especially minor league baseball. Characters are endemic to the game. Without characters like you and Spaz and without baseball historians like Bob, and all the other inimitable characters who populate the great American pasttime, there'd be something missing in baseball's DNA. Cheers to you all!

I could not agree more. As you see from the above comments and characters, the quality of experience and person at ballparks across America is something to behold. Pure Americana. Uh-Huh!

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