Sunday, August 2, 2015

"The Birth of a New American Political System", by Bill Moyers

In this great piece, the great American liberal thinker, Bill Moyers, presents the case for a new American political system he sees developing. He says, "based on developments in our post-9/11 world, we could be watching the birth of a new American political system and way of governing for which, as yet, we have no name. And here’s what I find strange: the evidence of this is all around us and yet it’s as if we can’t bear to take it in or make sense of it or even say that it might be so."

"Let me make my case", Moyers says, "however minimally, based on five areas in which at least the faint outlines of that new system seem to be emerging: 1) political campaigns and elections; 2) the privatization of Washington through the marriage of the corporation and the state; 3) the de-legitimization of our traditional system of governance; 4) the empowerment of the national security state as an untouchable fourth branch of government; and, 5) the demobilization of “we the people.”

He concludes, "much of it may be happening in a purely seat-of-the-pants fashion. In response, there has been no urge to officially declare that something new is afoot, let alone convene a new constitutional convention. Still, don’t for a second think that the American political system isn’t being rewritten on the run by interested parties in Congress, our present crop of billionaires, corporate interests, lobbyists, the Pentagon and the officials of the national security state."

Finally he says, "out of the chaos of this prolonged moment and inside the shell of the old system, a new culture, a new kind of politics, a new kind of governance is being born right before our eyes. Call it what you want. But call it something. Stop pretending it’s not happening."

Read for yourself.  It is an excellent, important piece.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Interesting, Perplexing Times In Which We Live As We Approach the Second Half of 2015

Interesting times in which we live. We are in quite a transitional time, which is difficult for many people. Globalization, rapidly changing demographics, pronounced shift left on social issues, end of two terms of an African American president, good possibility of woman president on the horizon, America's changing role in the world, extreme income inequity, disorder in many regions of the world, emerging rival super powers in the world, all combine to require seeing the world clearly and unemotionally, requiring unbiased pursuit of new solutions to problems of the much different world in which we find ourselves. I am reminded of the Einstein quote, "We can't our solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them." And, I see clearly, that the same old 20th century political alignments, arguments, bickering will quickly deem us, individually and collectively as a nation, irrelevant. 

I am with Thomas Friedman, my candidate for best lead paragraph on a news article so far this year goes to Tom Goodwin, an executive at Havas Media, whose essay March 3 on began: “Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. And Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate. Something interesting is happening.”

In order to continue to try and see, and more clearly understand, the environment in which the successful candidate for President will find themselves, here is an excellent, even critical, Thomas Friedman article, "Jeb, Hillary, Facebook, and Disorder."

~ Bob Godfrey

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tweet Goes Viral Showing SC Officer Helping White Supremacist in Medical Distress During KKK Rally at SC State House

Above is a powerful photo which son Rob, Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor of South Carolina, took with his cell phone during a KKK Rally at the SC State House this weekend, which continues to appear across the country, here at 

Below is his original tweet which went viral; 5000 retweets and counting at this point (photo was included):
Rob Godfrey @RobGodfrey: ·
"not an uncommon example of humanity in SC: Leroy Smith helps white supremacist to shelter & water as heat bears down."

As an aside, Officer Leroy Smith is Major Leroy Smith, Director of the South Carolina Department of Public Safety and he sits on the Governor's Cabinet.  He is generally always in uniform, not coat and tie, working along side his fellow officers, so as to be perceived as an equal by them.

Such a poignant and inspiring image and tweet, as South Carolina continues to set an example for the nation of civility, forgiveness, and redemption.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Poignant Pictures During The Day Before and The Day of The Confederate Battle Flag Being Lowered

Lots of media around Columbia this week. But none of them noticed when Gov. Haley took an early afternoon walk on the grounds to observe the flag area, the day before the flag came down.......with son Rob. No words.
Gov. Haley, son Rob, and others doing a run-through before ceremony to take down the Confederate Battle Flag.  It's time. The war ended 150 years ago.

A Wonderful Old Country Hymn

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Great Day in the History of the American Presidency - Full Text

Just imagine. Imagine. Imagine.

Very direct and close descendants of southern American slaves, people oppressed in the low-country of South Carolina for generations, nine of their own gunned downed by a madman racist.........and then, America's first African American President of the United States shows up in their honor, takes to the pulpit in Charleston, and delivers one of the great and moving Presidential addresses and sermons of our lifetime. He celebrated nine precious, God-loving, God-fearing lives, stated the continued case of racism in America, and called for action on America's continued cultural plight, racism.

He stirred beautiful, healing emotions, and concluded with an impromptu version of Amazing Grace, with the organist chiming in.  It was such a moving, grand way to honor a people and a section of America too long ignored and overlooked by preaching and singing of God's Grace as so beautifully reflected in the lives and the families of those slain.

It was a breathtaking, breathtaking sermon/speech and rendition of Amazing Grace.  God Bless the dead, the people of the low-country, and a great and healing President of the United States.