Monday, March 11, 2013

Picture of the Day

Wonderfully colorized, old, vintage photo of that country store we have all passed.........but not lately.


  1. It's a great image and colorization but it conceals a profound vignette of American life that was altogether a very sad epoch indeed. These older black men are out of work. The most the store has to offer is cigarettes, sugar soda drinks, whiskey and gasoline. Despite its Norman Rockwell-ish motif it shows abject poverty and dispair. You can recite the old circular argument: those black men are not hire-able because they're lazy- those black men are lazy so they're not hire-able. You get the drift. It was a time in America when it was a neo-feudalistic society with a government that was blind to the plight of a huge portion of its people, both black and white. The fact of the matter is that these black men could not travel 20 miles beyond where they lived.

    1. Profound observation and insight. Adds greatly to the image. Thank you.


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