Monday, March 4, 2013

Picture of the Day - Tommy Lee Jones

This is very cool.  Tommy Lee Jones is one of my favorite actors.  I did not realize he played football.  (Of course, playing at Harvard is almost like not playing). LOL!  He was an All-Ivy player and he was at Harvard during my era in college. This picture was taken in 1968.  I played baseball in the Cape Cod League in 1968.  Tommy Lee and I may have frequented some of the same pubs at the same time in Boston and on Cape Cod!  'How about "Your Father's Mustache", Tommy Lee?!'  My favorite!

Tommy Lee was also Al Gore's roommate while at Harvard.  He continues to have a stellar Hollywood career.  I especially liked him in JFK and Lincoln.

(Update:  I have a brilliant retired sports journalist /sports historian friend who added the following: "If I'm not mistaken, he played in the storied 29-29 come-from-behind tie against a heavily favored Yale team featuring Calvin Hill and QB Brian Dowling (of Doonesbury fame). It's probably one of the three most notable ties in college football history (ND-Army 0-0 in '45 when Johnny Lujack tackled Doc Blanchard in the open field and ND-Michigan State 10-10 in '66 "Game of the Century".)"

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