Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Great Day in the History of the American Presidency - Full Text

Just imagine. Imagine. Imagine.

Very direct and close descendants of southern American slaves, people oppressed in the low-country of South Carolina for generations, nine of their own gunned downed by a madman racist.........and then, America's first African American President of the United States shows up in their honor, takes to the pulpit in Charleston, and delivers one of the great and moving Presidential addresses and sermons of our lifetime. He celebrated nine precious, God-loving, God-fearing lives, stated the continued case of racism in America, and called for action on America's continued cultural plight, racism.

He stirred beautiful, healing emotions, and concluded with an impromptu version of Amazing Grace, with the organist chiming in.  It was such a moving, grand way to honor a people and a section of America too long ignored and overlooked by preaching and singing of God's Grace as so beautifully reflected in the lives and the families of those slain.

It was a breathtaking, breathtaking sermon/speech and rendition of Amazing Grace.  God Bless the dead, the people of the low-country, and a great and healing President of the United States.

A Great Day in the History of the American Presidency - 'Amazing Grace'

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