Wednesday, January 4, 2012

GOP Politics Are Heating Up......"Call Me Crazy"

As we watch the GOP primary process play out mostly on the fringes and the extremes, with the possible exception of Mitt Romney, call me crazy, but I continue to be a mainstream American looking for reasonable, moderate solutions to problems, solutions which serve the interests of a wide range of Americans. This GOP primary campaign is unprecedented in so many ways, and is in no way related to serving the interests of a wide range of Americans.

Rick Santorum has surfaced as an alternative for those conservative Republicans having problems galvanizing behind a more moderate Mitt Romney. But politics is full of contradictions. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, a Tea Party-made conservative Southern Governor, has endorsed Romney and will be campaigning with him in New Hampshire this weekend. In addition, John McCain is in New Hampshire to endorse Romney today.

Newt Gingrich is still the wild card. He appears intent, if nothing else, on trying to keep the nomination from Romney at this point. Ron Paul is just an odd, radical phenomenon who has struck a libertarian chord with young voters and those who pay little attention to public affairs. Paul supporters seem to have little understanding of the importance of America's proper positioning on both domestic economic issues and for foreign challenges.

The thing to watch, at this point, will be the South Carolina primary. This will be the last chance for the conservatives to disrupt Romney's accent to the GOP nomination. Three wins in a row would "lock it" for Romney. Look for a tremendous expenditure of money in South Carolina, money coming in from conservative interests all over the country, on very negative ads against Romney. Do not be surprised to hear outrageous allegations being made, push-polling being conducted, and scare tactics being employed regarding his Mormon faith.

Also, look for Democrats to begin negative ad attacks against Romney as well. It will be an onslaught. South Carolina is the perfect place for the conservative wing of the GOP to wage a one last effort to derail Romney. South Carolina is the modern day birthplace of negative campaigning, via the late Lee Atwater, the father of the Willie Horton ad. It will likely be ugly, in the beautiful Palmetto State, over next 15 days.

As a mainstream, moderate bystander......(call me crazy)..... I will be closely observing events with great which have major historical consequences.

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