Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fox News and a Devastating Strategy for the GOP

Here is such an insightful piece about how Fox News is having a very devastating effect on the Republican Party.

Media Matters points out, "Fox News isn't simple offering a different take on today's events, innocently providing a Republican-leaning view on today's news. It is leading an exhausting, day-in and day-out attack campaign on President Obama, Democrats, and their liberal allies. (Real or imagined). It's relentless, paranoid campaign falls well outside the mainstream of American politics, which is why the Republican campaign season, so proudly sponsored by the Fox News, is shaping up to be such an embarressment."

My theory as to why Fox News and Roger Ailes are so heavily vested in this hateful slant is that they are attempting to retain the far right-wing audience they have captured. They know they are not going to attract middle-of-the-road, mainstream news consumers. If they deviate from the right-wing attack mode, they risk losing some their current right-wing marketshare. So they continue using the right-wing of the Republican Party for the economic gain of their shareholders. Simple..........and terribly, grossly unpatriotic.

I hope you will read the interesting piece from Media Matters (the link is embedded in the first sentence above). It's important.

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