Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Political Memorabilia Collecting

I am pleased to display one of my many frames of historic political memorabilia. Below is a great quote by the legendary Arthur Schlesinger, which I borrow from my fellow collector John Clark of Tallahassee, Florida. "Historians owe more to collectors than we realize. Collectors are men of purpose and passion. They fall in love with a person, category, or theme. They pursue and accumulate books and papers and artifacts--the memorabilia that symbolize and illuminate the objects of their affection. In doing so, they enrich the historical record, and very often rescue evidence that might otherwise vanish down the memory hole. Collectors support, strengthen, and amplify scholarship." Arthur Schlesinger - Pulitzer Prize winning author, American historian, social critic, Democratic activist, Speechwriter for Adlai Stevenson, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and George McGovern, Professor of History at Harvard, founder of Americans for Democratic Action, and contributing blogger to The HuffingtonPost until his death February 28, 2007...........a true American treasure.

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  1. The Smithsonian Institute recently sent a representative to Madison, Wisc. to gather signs and other memoribilia form the recent legislative battle over public unions and the state budget. The Institue has a tremendous union archive and these items will be preserved there. As political memorabilia collectors, we help do the work of the Institue by preserving the nation's political campaign history.....amateur historians we are!


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