Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bizarre FoxNews Headline, "The Obama Experiment Has Failed".....What?

It amazes me to read headlines such as, "The Obama Experiment Has Failed." That is a headline on the FoxNews (surprise) website regarding Senator John Thume's response to Obama's Saturday radio address. In this era of mass, 24/7 cable and Internet technological communications, the war of communications is critical, vicious, and deceptive.

How could anyone buy the propaganda that the Obama anything has failed. He has been in office less that 24 months. He follows the worse economic and foreign policy Presidency of our lifetime.

TARP is a tremendous success. The banks are paying back, with interest, all the funds "fronted" them. The Recovery Act (Stimulus) is changing America and was a critical investment in getting America moving again. The investment in automotive companies has been repaid and millions of jobs (when you include the supply chain) were saved and an industry saved. Critical Health Care Reform is underway and the non-partisan scorekeeper, CBO, tells us it will reduce budget deficits going forward. We are basically out of Iraq, in terms of combat troops, and we are once again respected in the world community.

Yet the opposition party sadly tells uninformed, fearful, venerable citizens that the Obama "experiment" has failed. What does that mean? Their objective is, of course, to regain power for power's sake and to look after the interests of those who fund their return to power. It is just a sad and amazing commentary on the state of our system at this point. The only other objective they can articulate is to lower taxes and reduce government. What?

Our system is as broken as I can ever recall. Though important, thank goodness there is more to life than the emptiness and the craziness presented by our political process. Family, friends, hobbies, the great body of Christ and the opportunities afforded for missions and worship by the church, all thankfully give life meaning. The craziness, deception, the sheer ignorance and manipulation which accompanies the political process in 2010 is most discouraging and disturbing.

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