Thursday, March 1, 2012

Using Social Media as a Bridge to Increased Trust

Social media can act as a bridge to better understanding. It can act as a bridge to bring people of different backgrounds and ideologies together. It can help build trust among diverse people and groups.

'Bridging' is vital to the smooth functioning of a diverse society. When birds of a different feather flock together, they come to trust one another.

It can be important to become friends with people before knowing their ideological or religious background. When a level of trust is built, it is easier to make the transition to respecting and accepting their diverse set of beliefs and views. It is important in helping develop tolerance.

It's been called the 'My Friend Al'' principle. You first get to know Al, your fellow coach or beekeeper friend, before you discover that he is a Mormon. As a result of your friendship with Al, your regard for the Mormon faith is heightened.

The American family is large and diverse. Let's be about building bridges. Let's be about getting to know all God's children, and assessing them on their merit. Let's 'flock together' more often and build more trust within our American family. I think social media is a great tool for it.

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