Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Kennedy Tragedy, November 22, 1963

These are rare and previously unpublished photos of JFK's funeral. They are Life Magazine photos. The assassination continues to be a mystery and a fascination. Those who believe Lee Harvey Oswald worked aloned are in a fantasyland.

My son and I met with Congressman L. Richardson Preyer before his death, in 1991, to discuss the assassination. Preyer was Chairman of the House Sub-Committee on the Kennedy Assassination in the 1970s. He was certain a shot was fired from the grassy knoll. My feeling is that the Fidel Castro employed the services of the New Orleans mafia, which was more that happy to cooperate. Substantial documentation exists to support this theory.

It was quite a time in America........such a tragic time. The events certainly engaged my full attention and awe.

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