Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chatham of the Cape Cod League - 1968

Well, I am archiving and saving this important picture to me (by way of my blog) of a Cape Cod League team on which I played 45 years ago.  Wow, 45 years ago.  Still today, The Cape Cod League, and Chatham in particular, is considered the top placement in America for summer collegiate baseball.

A few of the best players on the team are not pictured here (Thurman Munson, the first Yankee captain since Lou Gehrig, had signed; Steve Stone, American League Cy Young winner in 1980, had gone home with the mono).  This is a September, end of the season, picture.  A few good friends (roommate Bob Wolfe, pitcher from Princeton, and Ken Rhyne) had just gone home early. 

blog piece I did a few years ago encapsulates some reflections from this, my first of two summers on Cape Cod during college. I may have additional comments later.

(Incidentally, I am on second row from top, left end).  It was an interesting, fun group of guys from around the country, some very good players.  It was good team, but with the guys gone which I mention above, probably not as good a team as a 1967 North Carolina American Legion State Championship team on which I played (6 of 9 starting line-up signed professional contracts, all others went to college on bb scholarships, on that team).  Nice memories.

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