Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 6...........On This Day In History

We are the beneficiaries of significant events and of the vision and courage of great Americans who have come before us.  Some days are particular reminders.  June 6 seems always to be for me.

Embarking on such a critical, historic World War II mission, allied troops stormed the shores of Normandy to begin, literally, saving Western Civilization, on this day, in 1944.  Again, we are indebted to the vision of great leaders, and to the courage of young Americans and allied troops.

In addition, on this day in 1968, an assassin took out a great American progressive and Presidential candidate, Robert Kennedy, at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, only 3 short months after the murder of Martin Luther King, only 5 short years after the assassination of his brother. 


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