Friday, May 10, 2013

A Reflection on a Day - May 9, 2013

I do it seldom, but one of the objectives of a blog is to 'log' in thoughts and reflections.  As I reflect on my day yesterday, simplicity, significance, and blessings come to mind.

My bi-monthly morning coffee with friend Nick was interesting and meaningful as usual.  Nick is long-time high school friend with whom I lost and regained contact in recent years.  He is funny, interesting, and fascinating.  Very successful in the funeral and cemetery business (he was chairman of NC Cemetery Commission for 12 years appointed by Jim Hunt; he owned facilities in Morehead City and Hickory), he has a passionate interest in the New York Yankees.  He owns three championship rings (was wearing one yesterday) and has developed personal relationships with many of the past and present major league players.  He was team photographer when the Yankees were Greensboro's parent club and he spent many Springs in Tampa, with press passes, at Yankee training camp. 

I still work, and yesterday, after much discussion, I wrote Medicare Supplement on Nick.  Nick, like myself, will turn age 65 this summer.  Yesterday also brought service work on some of my existing group accounts. I have a couple of large summer renewals with which to deal.

I was pleased to be elected to the Executive Committee of Life@Elon yesterday.  Our adult education program has over 250 age 50+ students, as well as a long waiting list.  The program has surpassed my highest expectations.  I look forward to helping set vision, policy, and curriculum for the program going forward.  Elon University is a gem of an institution and opportunity for the Triad of North Carolina.

Yesterday brought time in the yard with attention to the grass on a sunny Spring day after much coolness and moisture.  It also supplied some much needed exercise after a slack time at the gym this Spring.  I had interesting email communications with son Rob yesterday, about politics and about one of his hobbies, autograph collecting. 

I had a great evening at the Grasshoppers game.  While visiting with many old baseball friends, I spent most of the evening standing and watching the game with Mr. Melvin, immediate past owner of the stadium and the team.  Every city needs a Jim Melvin and a Joe Bryan, wonderful human beings.

My day concluded by watching a video of granddaughter Scarlett walking for the first time.  What a joy that was.  We are looking forward to heading out to Chattanooga tomorrow for the baby's first birthday.  What a wonderful four or five days it will be.

As I reflect on my day, I can only say I am blessed, far beyond what I deserve.   Anglo-American Catholic writer and mystic Thomas Merton once said, "Happiness is not a matter of intensity--- but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony."  Some days, I pleased say, I just may achieve that.

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