Monday, May 10, 2010

"Living With Risk Is The Cost of Freedom"

"Living With Risk Is the Cost of Freedom" is the title of Leonard Pitts excellent piece today on the dozens of episodes of terrorist incidents in America since 1910. (LA Times building bombed in 1910 - 20 killed, Milwaukee police station bombed in 1917 - 10 killed, bombing on Wall Street in 1920 where 38 were killed, bombing of Sixteenth St. Baptist Church in Birmingham in 1963 where four little girls were killed, World Trade Center in 1993, Oklahoma City in 1995, 9/11, and dozens of others).

Speaking specifically about the Times Square failed incident last week, Pitts says, ".....So no matter how you tweak the system, we will always be vulnerable. Indeed, more so because we are free, and no system consistent with that freedom could have stopped a fanatic from driving a bomb into Times Square. .....So what can you do? The answer is that you do the best you can, take what precautions you can, and then you get on with it, learn to live with the risk freedom entails. You accept that risk because freedom is worth it."

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