Friday, January 28, 2011

American Political Dynasties

Assuming Barack Obama wins re-election in 2012 and Hillary Clinton serves a second term as Secretary of State.........if Hillary runs for President and is elected in 2016, and is re-elected in 2020, as of 2024, a Clinton or a Bush will have served as President or Vice-President for 36 of the proceeding 44 years. In that scenario, a Clinton or a Bush will have served as Secretary of State, Vice-President, or President for 44 consecutive years.

I am not betting against any of this happening. The Clintons (and Barack Obama) are exceedingly popular and capable, and I do not see that changing. Like the Adams of Massachusetts, Kennedys of Massachusetts, Longs of Louisiana, Roosevelts of New York, Lees of Virginia, Tafts of Ohio, and Daleys of Illinois, the Clintons and Bushes are American political dynasties.

Projecting only to 2008, a Clinton or a Bush served as President or Vice President for 28 years in a row (1980 to 2008), and 2016 will mark 36 years in a row with a Clinton or Bush serving as Secretary of State, Vice President, or President (1980 thru 2016).
(Incidentially, in 2016 Hillary would be the same age as President Reagan when he took office {age 69}, and 3 years younger than John McCain with he ran for President in 2008).

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