Thursday, February 6, 2014

Governor Terry Sanford

These are nice shots of one of my favorite 20th leaders and politicians, former NC Governor, U. S. Senator, and Duke University President, the late Terry Sanford.  I love political history, especially 20th century NC political history.  My son is a senior political operative for one of the highest profile governors in America (not NC).

The top photo is, of course, with President Kennedy.  Governor Sanford was the first southerner to come out and endorse JFK. As a result, he was chosen to give the 'seconding speech' at the 1960 Democratic Convention. According to President Kennedy's personal secretary Evelyn Lincoln (in her 1968 book, 'Kennedy and Johnson'), Sanford would have been Kennedy's choice for vice president on the 1964 Democratic ticket, had Kennedy lived.

Terry Sanford played a key role in the transformation of Southern politics into the 'New
South', primarily in the areas of race relations and education.  In recognition of his efforts in education and in countless other areas, a 1981 Harvard University survey named him one of the 10 best governors in 20th century America.  I am pleased to have met Governor Sanford on a number of occasions. 

The other photo is Sanford with former NC Governor Luther Hodges (President Kennedy's Secretary of Commerce), and U. S. Senator Adlai Stevenson, who was twice (1952 and 1956) Democratic candidate for President of the United States, losing to General Eisenhower both times.  

Hard to believe the 2016 Presidential race is around the corner, 56 years after President Kennedy was elected President and Terry Sanford was elected NC Governor.  My money is on one last contest between two of America's last dynasties, the Clinton's and the Bushes........a classic race between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.  For the political enthusiast and historian, it will be a great one.  Let it begin. 

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