Tuesday, July 3, 2012

RIP Andy Griffith.....A Great, Great North Carolinian

It's a sad day in many ways, but the happy, happy memories abound.  For a kid of my generation growing up in North Carolina, it got no better than Andy.  My favorite movie growing up was "No Time For Sergeants" (by a long shot), my favorite TV show was 'The Andy Griffith Show", my favorite actor was Andy Griffith.  Andy made you proud to be a North Carolinian.  He was 'one of us.'  He was talented, funny, intelligent, respected, wholesome, the absolute best.  It is a bitter sweet day, as I reflect back over the full, productive, entertaining, meaningful life he lived.  'Thank you, Andy', seems so understated.......but thank you, Andy Griffith......RIP my good, good man.

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