Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Fascinating World of Blogging......... and The Power

I never cease to be amazed at the potential power of blogging.  My blog, as you see, is a blogspot blog, the google blog service.  As a result, I am able to track statistics regarding the leading nation sources of my blog visitors as well as the number of visits.  Yesterday, alone, I had visitors from Russia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, Brazil, China, the UK, and the U. S.  That was a normal day.  Two years of blogging has resulted in over 25,000 hits or visitors.

Page views by browser type for this past week included Internet Explorer, Foxfire, Chrome, Safari, Mobile.  Page views for the week by operating system included Windows (181), Macintosh (37), Ipad (14), IPhone (18), Linux (27), and Android (4).  Referring sites included Google, Bing, Yahoo, News Google, and Stumble Upon.

I am able to track keywords used in the searches as well.  Some leading keywords in searches this week were "good old days", "Archie Bunker quotes", "Cape Cod Home of Lucius D. Clay", "Babe Ruth", 'Abe Lincoln death photos", "Eisenhower political memorabilia", and "Boar and Castle Restaurant - Greensboro NC".  And, of course, I am able to track my most visited posts, which this week included "Those Good Old Days - No thanks" (over 1000 views all-time),  "Greensboro War Memorial Stadium Memories", Supreme Court Decision on HCR", "Poker Playing Presidents", "A Political Family - The Carvilles", and "Curt Flood and Marvin Miller - Two of the Most Significant People in the History of Sports".

To be able to share that which is important and entertaining to me with the world is satisfying.  It is important and fascinating.  I encourage you to consider your own blog.  I encourage you to read a variety of blogs.  Links to a list of blogs and websites which I recommend are here on my blog (in the right-hand margin).  The opportunity to be in "community" and dialogue with God's world is's actually part of "The Great Commission."  As I put the word "faith" in the search bar of "ThePoint", my blog, I am amazed and pleased with the number of blogs posts which appear.  Put in politics or baseball and it's likely off the charts!

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