Sunday, May 9, 2010

RIP - Harrison M. Symmes

We received the sad news today, via email, from Aunt Joan Symmes that Bunny's Uncle Harrison M. Symmes passed away yesterday. (Interesting that I just blogged about funerals today). Bunny and I are so happy to have had a wonderful visit with him and Joan just last Spring at their home in Winchester, Virginia.

Harry was a most interesting and delighful person. He lived a full and intriguing life. In addition to his wonderful family, Harry was involved with a full life of learning, academic pursuit, and service to his country. Among many involvements, Harry served as United States Ambassador to Jordan, Under Secretary of State for Middle Eastern Affairs, Curator of Mount Vernon, and as a college President. At UNC, he was co-editor of the Daily Tar Heel, along with  pollster Lou Harris, in 1939. He was close personal friends with Jordan's King Hussein.

Harry was a great American Liberal. I relished and cherished my limited time and conversation spent with him. The last book he recommended to me, one he had just finished, was Jonathan Alter's "The Defining Moment: FDR's First 100 Days". It was a joy.

As is his brother (my father-in-law), Harry was always such delight to be around, his mind so keen and engaging, his conversation so enjoyable. I will cherish the times I had the pleasure of his company. Harry was a rare, kind, high quality individual, a great example of an exemplary life of service.

RIP Uncle Harrison M. Symmes

(Above is a picture of he and George Romney, Mitt's Dad and then Michigan governor and Presidential candidate, taken in 1967 when Harry was Ambassador to Jordan).
Below is the obituary which appeared in the Washington Post

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  1. So sad to hear about Harry. I knew he'd been sick What a remarkable man! Always one of Mother's favorite cousins. My thoughts & prayers are with Joan and the rest of the family. Much love,
    Emily Bridgman


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