Monday, August 9, 2010

Quite Another Time, Another Day

While a cool snapshot, this photo represents a very by-gone era. I dare say a large percentage of my facebook friends might not be able to name all four. This group (Hope, Wayne, Reagan, and Martin) dates back to the era when America was run by white, generally conservative, grayhaired men of northern European descent.

They might not recognize America themselves. Today, America has a black President, a female Secretary of State, 3 females/one Hispanic/one black on the 9 member Supreme Court, a black U.S. Attorney General, an abundance of female Fortune 100 CEOs, a black GOP National Party Chairman, a female Governor in my state, an Ivy League School Asian population of approximately 27% (42% at UC-Berkley in their state), gays can legally marry in the state where all four of these gentlemen lived, and 58% of people in Los Angeles (their hometown) lists a language other than English as their primary spoken language. The immediate past CEOs of Ebay and Hewlett Packard, both females, are vying for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in their home state, and the winner will run against Jerry Brown. ("Moonbeam"......some things never change.....he is a perennial candidate for office). :)

Who knows, these guys might surprise me with their acceptance and tolerance of an America that looks quite different from their by-gone era. I will choose to think so and hope so.

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