Sunday, April 14, 2013

Picture of the Day - "42"

I am so excited about seeing "42".  Jackie Robinson was important to baseball and he was important to the integration of America, to soul of America.  The scene shown above where Pee Wee Reese comes over and puts his arm around Jackie in an early game just after his arrival, was a very simple, yet, oh so poignant, powerful, and important gesture.  I have heard about that gesture all of my life.  Brian Piccolo famously did the same thing to Darryl Hill, the first black ACC football player who played at Maryland, to quiet down a rowdy crowd at Wake Forest on Hill's first visit to Winston-Salem. 
I am so happy with the many wonderful reviews I am reading from friends.  John Pierce, an Atlanta Braves season ticket holder, said, "it exceeded my high expectations, was inspiring, convicting, and engaging."  John is a native of Chattanooga, where most of the movie was filmed with the old Engel Stadium serving as Ebbets Field.  John is a wonderful ordained minister, and Executive Editor of the national moderate Baptist publication, 'Baptists Today', and a great baseball man whose opinion I hold in the highest regard.
I think I am subconsciously holding off seeing it to continue enjoying the great anticipation.  Jackie Robinson was a true, true baseball and American hero.  I can't wait. 
(Update:  I have now seen the movie.  It exceeded my very high expectations as well.  It was moving and emotional for me.  The movie revolved around the themes of baseball, race, and faith, three of life's most engaging issues for me.  It was very historically accurate.  The actors fit the actors wonderfully.  Harrison Ford will get an Academy Award nomination, in my view.  It was a wonderful movie about humanity and the great game of baseball in the 20th century.  It will be a classic).   

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