Friday, December 28, 2012

Year-End 2012 Reflection

I occasionally find assessing my place in the world to be helpful, even inspiring.   As I reflect back on 2012, my clear conclusion is that I continue to be very blessed.  2012 was just a wonderful year.  I became a Grandfather.  How wonderful is that?  My health, and that of my immediate family, remains stable.  My little business continues to move along nicely and Bunny continues to enjoy her work. 

I literally loved following the 2012 Presidential election.  The outcome was very much to my liking and the road to November was so exciting and intriguing.  Barack Obama engenders hope, confidence, and excitement in me for America. I was lucky to get to Charlotte to the DNC for a day.  Also, a related political joy for me was my trip to the National 2012 APIC (American Political Item Collectors) meeting in Columbus, Ohio.  That is always fun and this show and meeting was no exception.

Bunny and I once again got to baseball Spring Training in March and it was a joy.  The weather around Tampa was perfect and the games, hotel, beach, food, entertainment, etc. was wonderful.  This is always a great way to spend a week in the Spring after a long Winter, and a great way to get away with Bunny.

We got to Chattanooga to visit with Elizabeth, Scarlett, and Brandon 3 times.  We love Chattanooga, the wonderful baby, and the great couple.  The trips make for relaxing vacations for us.

I got to Rob's in Columbia twice, once for the Presidential primary in February and another time for the PGA Championship on Kiawai in August (we were in the Governor's box on Sunday for the PGA).  Rob is always a hoot to be with.  I love Rob, Jamie, Columbia, and their work is so interesting and exciting to hear about and discuss.

Then there was my 45th HS Reunion, my Wyndam volunteering, my ACC Hall of Champions volunteering, my Elon University classes, my enjoyable time on Facebook and my blog, and our meaningful and important time at the wonderful First Baptist Church of Greensboro.  In addition, a trip to Virginia Beach with cousin Billy Berkelhammer to visit with brother Billy was wonderful.  Eddy came down from Maryland and we were able to visit with Jimbo and his children as well as with Eddy's children, Ashley and Joseph.  It was a wonderful road trip.  I would be remiss not to mention the great summer evenings Bunny and I spent at the beautiful downtown minor league baseball park. 

This has been a wonderful year in every way.  As I said, I continue to be so blessed.  We, of course, never know what the coming year will bring.  But I will pray for peace, prosperity, and contentment for my children and their families, and I pray they will be the people of service that God would have them be. 

In 2013, I have high hopes for my family, for America and her leadership in the world.  I am excited about every facet of what 2013 may have in store.  I will joyfully and gratefully take it one day at a time.  Yes, I realize there may be setbacks, but I will do my best to handle the challenges of each day, thankfully, with God's help and direction.  Happy New Year!

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