Tuesday, June 15, 2010

James Taylor - Carolina In My Mind

Born in Boston in 1948, James Taylor, at age 3, moved with his family to Carrboro, NC. There his father Isaac took a job as Professor in the UNC School of Medicine. Isaac later became Dean of the Medical School At UNC. The family spent summers on Martha's Vinyard beginning in 1953.

James had mental health issues and struggles as a teenager related to depression. He turned to drugs during those years, and he had similar struggles later in life as well. He moved to California in the late 60s . It was there, in 1971 (he and I were 23), that he recorded the beautiful "Carolina In My Mind", as he reflected upon and longed for his days in North Carolina. In spite of life's challenges and struggles, his God given creative genius and talent has abound and been his gift to the world.

The recording above, and the accompanying slides, are beautiful. Enjoy.

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