Friday, February 24, 2012

"Coming Apart.....", A Concerning Indictment on America

I am finishing up an important read, "Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960 to 2012". The author is concerned with the widening gap between a new upper class and a new lower class in America. He is concerned with the erosion of the America we all knew as we were growing up. I am not one for wanting to return to "the good old days" in many respects, especially as it relates to civil rights, equal rights, and such. But this book is an important work, very well researched and resourced.

As I reflect on my week, on this Friday, February 24, 2012, I had a good work week, some volunteer time at the ACC Hall of Champions, some course work at Elon University, time with my children over the phone, via email, and in pray for them (they live out of state), wonderful time with my wife, and time at the gym. I will be manning my door in church on Sunday morning. I say this, not to brag, but to reflect on where I was, and how I spent time, as it relates to what author Charles Murray discussed in his important book.

The best thing we can do for America, and the best thing we can do for ourselves, is to stay engaged with, and stayed committed to, our families, our communities, our faith, and our vocation (defined as our interests or jobs).......each of us, one person at a time. Murray reminds us, and shows us through data, that this is what built America......and this is what will sustain America. May we be about it.

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