Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Mid-Term Elections 2010

Well, another election is behind us. I am not sure what we accomplished. It seems like there is perpetual campaigning and elections these days. The goal each time should be to move us a little closer toward forming that more perfect union. Not sure it happens. The proliferation of 24/7 electronic media, and the gross sums of money poured into the process, makes it easier and easier it for some politicians to fool, deceive, and manipulate the people.

I am certainly not completely "down" on the process. I think President Obama has achieved great success in rescuing an economy on the brink, reestablishing America around the world, ratcheting down Iraq, beginning efforts to reform the financial sector, and beginning critical Health Care Reform. The 2012 campaign will be a big challenge for him and his work, but he is as bright and good a politician and leader as we have had in my lifetime, and there is no competition around for him in my view.

The national election result was pretty much as predicted. The House fail into Republican hands and the Senate stayed Democratic. Harry Reid stayed in power, and most of the Tea Party crazies, except for Rand Paul, lost. This is mostly good for America, in my humble opinion. Paul will be marginalized. He is just a nut, plain and simple.

It was good to see Guilford County Democrats be successful. We have a good and progressive community. For people like NC House Rep. Pricey Harrison and State Senator Don Vaughn to have lost would have been a travesty. It is unfortunate that the NC General Assembly fail into GOP hands. NC is the #1 best state for job creation 9 of past 10 years, according to Site Selection magazine. Forbes magazine last month named us the #3 best state for business climate and careers. Uninformed citizens are just being manipulated by politicians who are using fear tactics on vulnerable people.

I spent a grand time on election night in Columbia, SC in a private victory party with Governor-Elect Nikki Haley. She is a shining, bright spot in the GOP, a real rising star. She is warm, intelligent, nice looking, and a great person and demographic in general, for the GOP.

I guess it is on to 2012 for the political junkies. As my friend Ogi said, "let the fish fry proceed." I will proceed cautiously and with mixed feelings, while being tremendously proud of, and supportive of, Barack Obama........and a son, who is very involved in the process.

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