Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Random Thanksgiving Reflection - 2012

Today I'm reflective as Thanksgiving 2012 approaches.  I sit in Raleigh at my favorite lunch spot here next to a large bearded guy in jeans who I thought was a hippie/hillbilly.  He talks into an iPhone 5 and receives voice response back. Wrong.  I passed by PNC Arena as I came into town.  I didn't know it had changed names. Been to alot of hockey games in there.

 I first started coming here to work 34 years ago, just after my 6-year tenure as a high school guidance counselor had ended.  That's 40 years in the marketplace.  Time has passed.  Raleigh was a good and a fun market to work 34 years ago.  I still have an account or two here. That's why I am here today.

It is so satisfying to still be 'in the mix' of the marketplace. Actually, after 40 years in the marketplace, it is my family, being out in the community, the internet and social media, reading, following politics and sports, spending time at Elon U in the winter and at the ballpark in the summer, and my church that give me the most satisfaction. 

Heard a great synopsis on a new Evan Thomas' book on President Eisenhower on the way in on NPR. Looking forward to picking it up. Recently finished Steve Jobs biography, Grisham's 'The Racketeer', and still working on Caro's latest LBJ book.  Can't wait to get a new 17.3 in. screen windows 8 laptop computer soon which I've been shopping for.

I'm having a good run in the marketplace.  If I'm lucky it will continue for another 10 years.  As I mentioned first, it is my family of which I most proud and blessed.  My son does what he loves to do for the second highest profile governor in America.  My daughter is loving her role, and is doing an astonishing job, as a new Mother of my first precious grandbaby.  My wife does an amazing job balancing her work and her health and being a wonderful mate and friend.  I love my church and my faith and wish I were a more committed servant. 

I am blessed as this Thanksgiving approaches.  There's nothing like stopping and reflecting on that which is right and good in your life, on where you've been and where you're going.  And if you end up next to a large bearded guy in jeans, don't be so quick to judge.  It's late 2012.  He's probably tweeting about you or headed back to work at a high tech company he owns.

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