Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Federal Gov't Delivers - The October Surprise

Conservatives sometimes amaze me.  They run down the federal government until they need it.  Whether it is student loans, farm price supports, SBA low interest loans, a stimulus contract, Medicaid, prescription drug coverage for seniors, a tax credit .......and now, of course, FEMA........... help for those in harm's way and in disaster's way in the northeast.

The irony of this election is that the October surprise which is going to push Barack Obama across the line, is a climate change-driven event, an event that necessitates a strong federal government response........ all of us chipping in to look after our neighbor......... as it should be.  Above, the conservative New Jersey Governor, who delivered the keynote address for Mitt Romney, looks mighty appreciative, as he certainly should be.  Oh, the irony........

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