Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thought For the Day

It's been quite a week for a news junkie. The tragic Trayvon Martin killing in Florida, NFL Commissioner Goodell's very appropriate hammering of the New Orleans Saints and his one-year suspension of the Head Coach, the Romney 'etch e sketch' fiasco, the Tim Tebow trade to the Jets. And these are only the national stories that most intrigue me.

I have been engaged with following issues of the day since I was very young. When I was younger, I was interested and I was curious. As an older adult, I understand that it is important to try and have an impact on the direction of the community and of America. As an adult, I feel obligated to bring my sense of right and wrong, my attitude, values, opinions and beliefs to bear on issues in the public square. Social media and a blog are good places to do that. Attending public meetings, volunteering, supporting issues and positions, supporting candidates, and voting are all important.

I encourage all of us to be engaged with, and concerned with, the issues of the community and issues of the day. Only then can we help mold America, if only slightly, in our own image. Assuming we are well-anchored people, only then can we help move America to a better place.

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