Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We're Not in a Good Place in America, And I'm Disgusted

I am disgusted today as a radical faction of the Republican Party shuts down the government.  They are attempting to turn back the Affordable Care Act which begins today providing health care to all Americans regardless of income or health condition.  That small faction of radicals in the House of Representatives disgusts me, and I am not easily disgusted.

A group World War II veterans today had to storm the gates of the World War II Memorial in Washington, to view THEIR memorial, due to it's closing as a result of the shutdown.  Can you imagine? 

You probably wonder about the photo above.  That is Billy Martin examining a home run ball  Mickey has just hit 536 ft. out of Griffith Stadium in Washington.  I read a great book recently,  "Mickey Mantle: The Last American Boy, The End of America's Childhood".  Related, a journalism professor friend of mine posted today that only a quarter of his news writing class knew what Mayberry and Sheriff Andy Taylor were. 

America is not in a good pace culturally or politically.  The state of institutional religion in America, which is important to me, is not much better off.  We have forgotten who we are and from where we came.  Yet, Ted Cruz rants on.

Our leaders won't even engage with one another today, as "The Gipper" and Tip O'Neill did, as LBJ and Everett Dirksen did, as even Clinton and Gingrich did.  We are uptight in America.  We are greedy in America.  We have little appreciation for life's simple pleasures and blessings in America.  Robinson Cano may ask for a $300. million contract.

Yes, the older generation didn't get everything right.  We were wrong on civil rights, wrong on the role of women in society.  But I am very concerned with, among many other things, young radical anarchists, who somehow were elected to the once esteemed body of Congress, shutting down the government, wanting to deny health care to Americans after the legislation was passed and upheld by the Supreme Court.  I wonder what Spiro Agnew would call them.  He called '60's radical anarchist bums and elitist snobs.  Where's that '60's political 'hit man' when we need him.

I am, likewise, concerned that the Millennial generation hasn't a clue of what Mayberry and Sheriff Andy Taylor are or represent.  And, oh yes, I am concerned that they haven't even a clue who the two American boys pictured above are, nor a clue of the fun and escape they represented for that World War Two generation, and those just after, who built this great nation.....a generation of men who couldn't even get into their memorial in Washington, DC today.

Rant on Ted Cruz.  You're a radical anarchist, an embarrassment to the once esteemed 'Club of 100'.  In my neighborhood, you would have been called a 'hustler'.........at best.

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