Monday, January 14, 2013

From "The Christian Agnostic", by Leslie Weatherhead

I enjoy the blog of my friend John Pierce, Executive Editor of 'Baptists Today', a good, moderate Baptist publication.  John and I have connected, not only due to our moderate Baptist faith, but due to our love for baseball.  John, who lives in Macon, is an Atlanta Braves season ticket holder.  He has been to Greensboro and attended a Grasshoppers game with me.

Here, John shares a wonderful excerpt near the end of one of his favorite books by Leslie D. Weatherhead, "The Christian Agnostic."

“If God is only a myth, a wishful thought, a projection of human fatherhood, a fantasy of infant thinking, then the atheists are right.

"But I have had moments which do not make sense unless God exists, and they have been the highest, most significant and most deeply joyous moments I have ever known.

“Sometimes, I believe, [God] unmistakably speaks to us in what must be called mystical experience. I do not mean visions or voices, although of course I do not dismiss them as necessarily illusional.

“It may be only in the love of another human being, the gratitude of one we tried to help, the feeling that there is something supernatural at the heart of a close relationship with another, the solemnity of the evening sky, the trust of a little child, great music if our mood is right, or great poetry or great art, the sound of a church bell far away, the silence in the lonely hills, the sermon of some dedicated spirit who has seen into the unseen.

“Any such experience demands commitment, and commitment brings peace of mind; not the end of a journey but the end of wandering, not the end of a road but the end of searching for one, not the end of doubt and questioning but the discovery of a Friend in whose friendship nothing is felt to matter so much as maintaining the love relationship.”

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